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Gifts are not just a token of love and affection. A lot of human emotions are attached to them. When you gift something to someone, you expect the person to treasure that gift and take care of it. With a little care, you can take care of your gift. Here, we will tell you how to take care of flowers, cakes and plants.

Flower Care Guide

How to keep your cut flowers fresh

We, understand the sentiments behind gifting flowers and that is why we take extra care to present nothing, but the best flowers to you. Flowers are delicate but with the right kind of care, you may enjoy your them for 2-4 days.

We take care to pick the best blooms every morning, and ensure that they are well hydrated and packed with utmost care before they reach your doorstep.

  • Flowers may be delivered in fully bloomed, semi-bloomed or bud stage.
  • When your flowers arrive in a bunch form, remove the packing and allow them to breathe. Put them in a vase with clean water. Cut about 2 cms of the bottom of each flower stem and remove leaves which are below the water line. This step is very important as it helps in better absorption of water and essential nutrients.
  • Take care of the water and flower food requirements. These are the two important requirements that can help in keeping the cut flowers fresh for a significant amount of time. Before changing the existing water, you need to clean the vase properly. Pour room temperature water with the right quantity of flower food (if available) into the flower vase.
  • Further, do ensure that there is no debris, dirt or other unwanted items in the water like dried fallen leaves, stem parts, and others. This is because it could lead to bacterial growth that can affect the lifespan and health of the flower to a great extent.
  • When your flowers arrive in an arrangement form i.e., flowers are fixed on to a floral foam, then you just need to ensure that the foam remains wet throughout the day. For this just pour water on the foam so that the foam is completely hydrated. In the case of an arrangement, you don?t need to cut the stems.
  • Keep flowers away from sunlight, heating or cooling vents, direct drafts from a ceiling fan and the tops of televisions or radiators. These can cause the flowers to dry/wilt quickly.
  • Enjoy your flowers.

Cake Care Guide

Cake Care: Handling, Transportation and Storage

We all love to gorge on sweet delicacy when it comes about celebrating any special occasion or event. Among, all these sweet delicacies, cakes are the most preferred by people to add sweetness and unforgettable memory during the celebrations. A cake is a wonderful thing to greet people and to bring home for enhancing the celebrations. The joy of sweetness related to the cakes can leave your mouth with utter disgust if the cakes are not preserved after they are delivered at your doorstep.

Although, the common practice of preserving a cake for a long time includes refrigerating it immediately to help retain its freshness and sweet taste for a long time. There is still a lot which needs to be done in this direction to maintain the authentic taste of your cake for a significant period of time. Here are some of the tips which one must know to care for a cake to enjoy the mouthful of heaven in a better way.

Care tips (when it is delivered at your place):

  • Always remember that cakes are best enjoyed at normal room temperature, but having said that do remember to keep the Fresh Fruit cake, Cream Cheese cake, or Egg Based Fillings like pastry cream and lemon curd in refrigerator if not consumed immediately.
  • If your Cake is delivered directly on the event venue avoid keeping it in direct sunlight and keep it placed in an air-conditioned room.
  • If your cake contains some figurines or sculptures these may include wire supports, wooden skewers or toothpicks. Please inform people especially before serving to small children.
  • Hand Painted & airbrushed cakes should not be refrigerated because as soon as you take them out of refrigeration, condensation causes the food colourings to drip and run.
  • Daylight and fluorescent lights can fade the colour of your cake decorations especially if these are in pink and purple colour.

Plant Care Guide

How to take care of Plants?

Plants are the best companion of humans since the civilization flourished and came into its present form. They have been providing a lot of things from food grains to timber for shelter, shade from scorching sun heat to various medicinal and commercial components such as bark, leaves, resins, latex, rubber and numerous other benefits. Just as plants take care of our wide range of needs, it is the duty of humans to take care good care of plants for their proper growth and development.

Today with changing lifestyles, more and more people are adopting household plants to improve the internal air quality, add grace to their home and also bring good luck in their lives. If you are growing household plants like lucky Bamboo, Bonsai, Basil, Money plant, Snake Plant, Rose, climbers, Aloe Vera or any other plant species, you need to provide timely care and maintenance to all these plants.

How to Care for Your Plants for Healthy Growth throughout the Year

Here is your plant care guide that consists of common instructions to ensure the proper growth and development of your plants.

  • One of the common reason that is responsible for the death of various local or exotic plants is over-watering. You need to ask out your local nursery owner about the watering schedule of the plant or can take the helpful tip from an online plant care guide.
  • Select the right location and placement of your indoor plants for its ideal growth. Avoid placing the plants at a place that could interfere with the overall growth and health.
  • Offer the appropriate level of moisture, air, sun light and temperature to your household plants to ensure their effective growth and development.
  • Use an organic manure or farm compost for your indoor plants. The plant care experts of Urban Blooms can guide you about creating the green compost for the various best-selling plants, exotic plants or any other household plants of your choice.
  • Go for pest control and spray insecticides on your plants regularly to keep them away from the attack of various insects, pests, rodents and other organisms.
  • Perform regular pruning and stunting of your local indoor or exotic plants to ensure their optimum growth. The pruning helps in providing the nutrients to the right areas of the plants by eliminating the unwanted or dead parts of the plants.
  • Don't forget to change the location of your plant for its proper growth. You need to replant the indoor plants in different pots to ensure they are getting the right amount of nutrients and can grow effectively. If you are not aware about the repotting techniques, you can get the fair idea about the same through an online plants nursery.

So, if you want to create an ambient, pure and positive environment inside your home, you need to order the various nursery plants through the help of an online plants gifting store. Make plants a part of your healthy lifestyle by adopting these simple plant care tips.