Flared Shift Dress

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Fromage Classique

AED 499


Product Details:
• L emmental francais cheese 220g
• Croxton Manoor sliced provolone 200g
• Wyke mature and creamy cheddar 220g
• Garlic & Fine Herbs cream cheese 133g
• Original Hungarian quality cow cheese 250g
• Soignon Goat Cheese 180g
• Salted Cashews 110g
• pesto verde basilic frais verse basilicum 190g
• Wike Farms wnivy vintage cheddar heart 100g
• Carrs original table water assorted biscuits for cheese 125g
• Vegan Deli vegetal food plant based 160g lactose free, soy free
• Godiva Masterpieces Milk Chocolate 88g
• Jomara dates with almond 250g
• Green olive stuffed cheese 290g
• 200g Black Grapes

Care Instructions
• Please store all these products in a cool, dark place.
• Do not store them near any heat sources or in direct sunlight.
• Store them in tightly sealed containers and consume these products before their expiration dates.
• Keep them away from dust, and clean them with a soft cloth.

Delivery Information
• Most of our orders are delivered on time as per the time slot selected.
• However, due to factors beyond our control (traffic congestion en route, remote address for delivery), we cannot guarantee that the order will arrive on time.
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