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Pretty Oriental Lily Arrangement With Assorted Mothers Day Patchi Chocolates

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Product Details:
• 3 Pink Oriental Lily
• 1 White Hydrangea
• 4 Pink Hypericum
• 3 Massangeana Leaves
• White And Golden Ceramic Vase (24x10).
• 1 Patchi Chocolate Box 250gm

Care Instructions
•When Your Flowers Arrive, Clean Out The Vase And Add Fresh Water If Necessary.
•Cut Approximately 1cm-2cm From The Ends Of The Stems At An Angle Of 45 Degree.
•Remove Any Wilted Leaves Below The Waterline But Do Not Remove All Leaves Along The Stem Length.
•All Flowers Benefit From A Daily Mist Of Water.
•After 2-3 Days, Refresh Your Flowers By Removing Any Drooping Petals And Leaves, Trimming Stems To About 5cm Long And Replacing With Fresh Tap Water Again.
•Do Not Place It In Direct Sunlight Or Near Any Other Source Of Excessive Heat.
•Avoid Keeping Flowers Directly Under Ceiling Fans Or By Air Conditioners! Enjoy!

Delivery Information
•At Urban Blooms, We're Committed To Bringing You Fresh Flowers That Will Enhance Your Home For As Long As Possible.
•That's Why We Promise Delivery Of Your Order In The Time Slot You Select.
•We Also Offer A Temperature-controlled Delivery Service, So The Stems Will Be Kept Cool From The Moment They Leave Our Shop Until The Moment They Reach Your Home.
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